Maximiliano Cristiani & Ayse Gencalp

Maximiliano Cristiani stands as a pillar among today’s most esteemed Tango instructors, renowned for his unwavering charisma, pedagogical acumen, and innovative teaching approach. Over the span of two decades, he has shepherded countless students along their dance journeys, nurturing their growth with a keen focus on functionality over mere style. Maximiliano possesses a rare gift for unlocking the latent potential within each of his students, guiding them towards a dance that not only feels natural but also authentically reflects their individuality.

His expertise spans the breadth of Tango’s diverse styles, from the refined elegance of social dance to the intricate footwork of salon and milonguero techniques, and even the dramatic flair of Tango Escenario. Maximiliano’s relentless pursuit of knowledge has led him to extract invaluable insights from these varied traditions, enriching his teaching repertoire with a wealth of new techniques tailored for social dance settings.

Beyond his role as a teacher, Maximiliano is a prolific creator, having lent his talents to the production of acclaimed Tango films such as “TIGRE VIEJO,” “RECUERDO en LA VIRUTA,” and the recently released short film “ANGEL,” which debuted in late 2021. His artistic endeavors extend further as the organizer of the official preliminaries for the MUNDIAL DE TANGO BA in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Among his many accolades, Maximiliano proudly bears the title of “World Tango Salon Champion 2013,” a testament to his unparalleled skill and dedication to the art form. He has also clinched top honors in prestigious competitions including the Buenos Aires Tango Metropolitan Championship and the Milonga Metropolitan Buenos Aires Championship. As the visionary behind captivating Tango shows like “Tangostory” and the creative force behind mesmerizing Tango video clips such as “Tigre viejo” and “Recuerdo,” Maximiliano continues to shape and elevate the landscape of Tango with his boundless talent and unyielding passion.

Ayse Gencalp stands as a beacon of excellence in the Tango world, earning the esteemed respect of traditional Argentine maestros—an accolade reserved for only a select few foreign dancers. With her formative years spent in the heart of Buenos Aires, Ayse honed her craft amidst the rich tapestry of Tango culture, immersing herself in its pure essence over the past two decades. Her journey led her to participate in renowned Tango companies such as the “Roberto Herrera Company” and the “Johanna Copes Company,” where she absorbed invaluable insights from the most revered figures in the Tango community.

As an eclectic dancer, Ayse seamlessly integrates diverse dance styles, effortlessly transitioning from the intimacy of the floor to the grandeur of the stage. Her movements exude a rare blend of precision, strength, and softness, captivating audiences with their emotive depth and technical mastery. Despite the challenges she faced, Ayse’s unwavering perseverance propelled her to the finals of world championships, where she consistently ranks among the top performers—an achievement that attests to her exceptional talent and dedication.

In addition to her prowess as a dancer, Ayse is a multifaceted artist, lending her talents to various creative endeavors. She serves as an actress, dancer, and choreographer for “Angel,” one of the most prestigious Tango short films, alongside Maximiliano Cristiani, the Salon 2013 World Tango Champion. Together, their collaboration epitomizes the artistry and passion that define Tango, captivating audiences worldwide with their captivating performances and timeless expressions of emotion.

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