Editorial Guidelines

(Last updated 27 January 2023)

The aim of this page is to provide basic editorial guidelines for Tango organisers and schools when posting their events with TangoEvents AU. As TangoEvents AU website is continuing to grow and evolve, the guidelines presented herein are dynamic and subject to change to reflect the needs of the community and to maintain the quality of its content. It is also important to review our ‘Terms & Conditions‘ and ‘Privacy Policy’ pages.

Who is Eligible?

In layman’s terms, all Tango Schools & Organisers are allowed to post their events as long as basic identity proof is provided or has been established with the administrators of TangoEvents AU website. This service is provided for free of charge to all participants, refer to as ‘Free Listing’. Other paid services are available, contact us for more details.

What can be posted?

Only Tango Type Events are allowed to be posted, which can include:

  1. Milonga,
  2. Practica, or
  3. Classes.

For the ‘Free Listing’ service, the post shall include:

  1. Title section limited to 30 characters with Title case capitalisation only allowed,
  2. Description limited to 900 characters in plain text only; no uppercase wording, formatting, hyperlinks and/or media such as photos or videos allowed,
  3. Organiser details including phone number and email with one hyperlink to their website,
  4. Venue details with full address and a link to its location on Google Maps; The link is automatically provided by our software.

Events such as Festivals and Special Occasions can be posted as series of Tango Type Events as listed above. 

An Online Form has been made available to all participants to post their events, it is a must that this form is used to create new event. To modify existing events, use our Contact Form or email admin@tangoevents.au. 

Paid Advertisement

 TangoEvents AU provides paid services to advertise events as sponsored ones. These sponsored events can include graphics, hyperlinks, built-in booking forms, payment facilities and more. Contact us for more information about the schedule of fees.

Special Milonga Event 

TangoEvents AU holds Special Milonga (normally in Sydney) on the fifth Saturday of the month (occurring 3-4 times per year). The income from these Milongas will help fund TangoEvents AU website and its regular maintenance as well as promoting Tango to the wider dance community. On these days, TangoEvents AU reserves the right to accept the posting of any Milonga or Practica in City/State where TangoEvents AU Special Milonga is taking place.