Editorial Guidelines

(Last updated June 19, 2024)

Welcome to TangoEvents AU! Our aim is to provide a high-quality platform for Tango organisers and schools to promote their events. These editorial guidelines are designed to ensure that our website remains a valuable resource for the Tango community.

Who is Eligible?

All Tango schools and organisers are welcome to post their events on our website. To ensure the integrity of our platform, we require basic identity proof to be provided or established with our administrators. An ABN, ABR, INC registration, or any other local state or national registration number is required as proof of school/organiser identity (personal ABNs are not accepted). The name associated with any of these registrations must match the name of the organising school or entity. Please note that the event must be identified as a Tango event with Tango music, structure, and dancing, including traditional and nuevo Tango.

Our 'Free Listing' service is available to all participants. 
Contact us for more information about our other paid services.

Approval & Publishing

All events submitted will be subject to review by the TangoEvents AU Administrator. Once approved, they will be promptly posted on our website. While our goal is to expedite this process, please allow up to 3 business days for approval and posting. Your patience is appreciated as we strive to ensure the timely sharing of all submitted events.

Updates to Events

All events must be kept up to date. Organizers will receive a monthly newsletter reminding them to check their events for any changes. To request changes, simply contact us using our contact form or email us at admin@tangoevents.au. We urge organizers to send updates as soon as they occur. Failure to do so may result in the suspension of events. Help us ensure that event information is accurate for the best user experience.  

Paid Advertisement

We also offer paid services to advertise events as sponsored ones. These sponsored events can include graphics, hyperlinks, built-in booking forms, payment facilities, and more. Contact us for more information about our schedule of fees.


Event Categories 

The Tango events posted on our website have been categorized into two groups. The first is for Regular Events such as Milonga, Practica and workshops, and the second is dedicated to Special Events such as musical performances, local festivals and visiting maestros. The details of each categories, requirements and acceptance criteria are presented below.  

Regular Event Guidelines

What can be posted?

Under this category, we only allow regular Tango type events to be posted, including

  • Milonga,
  • Practica, and
  • Classes.

These events are posted on our regular calendars for all cities and states in Australia.

Posting Requirements

For the ‘Free Listing’ service, the post must include

  • a title section limited to 30 characters with Title case capitalisation only allowed (subject to approval by moderator),
  • a description limited to 900 characters in plain text only; any hyperlinks, graphics including images and emoticons, venue details, organiser details, reference to private lessons, cost or any perceived advertisement are NOT allowed within this section, 
  • organiser details with a phone number, email and a website link (only links to relevant and legitimate websites, social media links are not accepted), and
  • venue details with a full address (link to its location on Google Maps is generated automatically by our system).

Ensure that text used in posting your event abides by basic English grammar rules. Help us maintain the quality of the posted events.   

We have a dedicated Online Form available for participants to post their events. To modify existing events, please use our Contact Form or email us the changes required on admin@tangoevents.au.

Special Event Guidelines 

What can be posted?

To be eligible for posting on the Special Tango Events Page, your event must belong to one of the following three types of events and satisfy the criteria:
  1. Tango Music Performances: Local performances that are entirely dedicated to Tango, providing enthusiasts with an authentic and immersive Tango experience.
  2. Local Tango Festivals: Focus on Australian festivals organized by reputable schools or organizers known for their exceptional delivery of Tango events. These festivals should span multiple days and include workshops, Practicas, and Milongas.
  3. Visiting Maestros from Argentina: Visiting Maestros from Argentina, especially those who have earnt acclaim as winners or runners-up of the “Campeonato Mundial de Baile de Tango” or officially appointed Tango competition judges (for the Mundial). Selection for others will be based on their merit and contribution to the Tango community.

Posting Requirements

  1. A Graphic Banner: The banner should contain less than 10% text and have dimensions of 1618px in width and 1000px in height. Adhering to these dimensions and resolution is essential for acceptance. The format should be either PNG or JPG.
  2. Event Title: Titles are limited to 60 characters and must adhere to basic English. They will be subject to approval by the TangoEvents AU Team.
  3. Event Details: A description of the event in generic form, not exceeding 300 characters. Hyperlinks are not permitted within this section while observing basic English and grammar. Also subject to approval by the TangoEvents AU Team.
  4. Related Activities: All related activities (such as workshops, Practicas, and Milongas) must firstly be created according to the preceding criteria for free listing before the event can be included on the Special Tango Events page.

Important Notice**

TangoEvents AU hosts Special Milongas and other events throughout the year. These events typically occur in Sydney on the fifth Saturday of the month, though they may also take place in other locations. The income generated from these events supports the maintenance of the TangoEvents AU website and promotes Tango within the wider dance community.

On the days when TangoEvents AU holds a Special Milonga, we reserve the right to accept the posting of any Milonga, Practica, or Workshop in the same city or state. Your support in this matter is invaluable to us.

Please also review our ‘
Terms & Conditions‘ and ‘Privacy Policy‘ pages. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Thank you for contributing to TangoEvents AU website and calendars!

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