DJ Pedro Alvarez
Patio de Tango School

Pedro is a highly experienced and popular Tango DJ based in Sydney with a great knowledge and passion for Tango music – particularly that of the Golden Era. Since 2001 he has DJ’d hundreds of Milongas in Sydney and across Australia and New Zealand and was an invited DJ throughout the years of the Sydney Tango Salon Festival. He is also the current Australian Tango Salon Champion.
Dance and Tango music have always been an integral part of Pedro’s life since his childhood growing up in the city of Buenos Aires. From his extensive collection of over 5000 Tango songs, Pedro selects only the most danceable tracks. These are arranged in ‘tandas’ – sets of the same genre, style and orchestra, with ‘cortina’ breaks, as it is done in Buenos Aires. He is focused on arranging and positioning tandas to deepen a dancer’s appreciation of each orquesta. Pedro’s style is to let the playlist evolve organically so that it becomes a dialogue with the dancers. He tailors his arrangements to the mood and energy of the dancers, to complement and spike the energy curve of the night, and to make dancing irresistible!

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